Denial of Peter, c. 1663

Karel Dujardin
Norton Simon Art Foundation
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Perhaps the work mentioned in the inventory of the inheritance of Dujardin: "Groot schilderij zijnde Petrus met en meit en een soldaat."
Jacob Cromhout or Jasper Loskart (sale, Zomer, Amsterdam, 7-8 May 1709, lot 4).
Nicolaas Nieuhoff (sale, Amsterdam, April 14, 1777).
François Tronchin des Délices, Geneva, by 1781 (sale, Paris, 23 March, 1801, no. 44 to); Guillaume-Jean Constantin, who was C.P. at sale and therefore possibly bought-in);
John Walter, Bear Wood, Berkshire, by 1868, by inheritance to;
John Walter (sale, London, Sotheby’s, 10 June 1942, no. 45, to);
Welker [or Walter, i.e. bought-in?];
Henri Bredius, London (d. 1972), by inheritance to;
Bredius heirs, Haarlem, consigned to;
[Hans Cramer Oude Kunst, The Hague, by 1973-sold 1975 to];
Norton Simon Art Foundation.


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