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Madame Manet Édouard Manet1874-1876
Mademoiselle Leonie, Plate 1 in "Saint Matorel" by Max Jacob Pablo Picasso1910 (publ. 1911)
Madonna and Child Neroccio de' Landic. 1470-1480
Madonna and Child Enthroned, with St. Francis  Master of Saint Ceciliac. 1315
Madonna and Child with Adoring Angel Sandro (Alessandro Filipepi) Botticellic. 1468
Madonna and Child with Book Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio)c. 1502-03
Madonna and Child with Saints John the Baptist and Catherine of Alexandria Neroccio de' Landic. 1480-85
Mahakala  15th century
Mahakala of 'Tshal  15th century
Mahalakshmi with Kaumari and Chamunda  c. 1700
Mahasahasrapramardini  1575-1600
Male Acolyte or Donor  16th century
Male Attendant (from Milarepa or a Mystic with Two Royal Attendants)  15th century
Male Torso  11th-12th century
Man at a Desk, Wearing Cross and Chain  Rembrandt van Rijn1641
Man Drawing from a Cast  Rembrandt van Rijnc.1641
Man in a Broad-Brimmed Hat  Rembrandt van Rijn1638
Man in a Coat and Fur Cap Leaning Against a Bank  Rembrandt van Rijnc.1630
Man in Armour Holding a Pike Jan van Bijlertc. 1630
Man Wearing a Close Cap: Bust (the Artist's Father?)  Rembrandt van Rijn1630
Mandala of Chakrasamvara  dated 1648
Mandala of Dorje Phurba  mid-18th century
Manjusri  c. 800
Marriage à la Mode William HogarthApril 1, 1745
Marriage à la Mode William HogarthApril 1, 1745
Marriage à la Mode William HogarthApril 1, 1745
Marriage à la Mode William HogarthApril 1, 1745
Marriage à la Mode William HogarthApril 1, 1745
Marriage à la Mode William HogarthApril 1, 1745
Mars and Venus Cornelis van Haarlem1599
Mary Cassatt at the Louvre: The Etruscan Gallery Edgar Degas1879-1880
Masquerades of Holy Week in the year [illeg.] (Mascaras de semana santa del año [illeg.]) (verso) Francisco de Goya y Lucientes1796-1797
May God Repay You / Blind Man Tossed on the Horns of a Bull (Dios se lo pague a usted / Aveugle enlevé sur les cornes d’un taureau) Francisco de Goya y Lucientes1867
Medea: or the Marriage of Jason and Creusa  Rembrandt van Rijn1648
Meleager and Atalanta and the Hunt of the Calydonian Boar Peter Paul Rubensc. 1618-19
Mercury and Herse Gerard Hoetc. 1710
Milarepa or a Mystic (from Milarepa or a Mystic with Two Royal Attendants)  15th century
Miserere Georges Rouault1922-27 (Published 1948)
Mlle Leonie on a Chaise Longue, Plate III in "Saint Matorel" by Max Jacob Pablo Picasso1910, summer, Cadaques or Paris
Mlle. de la Valliere in Costume Joseph Wernerc.1663
Mohra with Goddess (?)  c. 1400
Mohra with Shiva  15th century
Monsieur M. William-Adolphe Bouguereau1850
Monument to Balzac Auguste Rodin1897
Mother Goddess  2nd-1st century B.C.
Mother Goddess with Child  c. 600
Mountain Aristide Maillol1937
Mouvement de Danse G Auguste Rodinc.1910-11
Mr. Garrick in the Character of Richard the Third William HogarthJuly 1746
Muse (la Muse) Constantin Brancusi1969 posthumous cast from 1912 plaster original
Mythical Beast  c. 1200
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Nativite Maurice Denis1907
Near the Palace Lyonel Feininger1914-1915
Negress Lying Down  Rembrandt van Rijn1658
Negress Lying Down  Rembrandt van Rijn1658
Night Aristide Maillol1905
Norton Simon Don BachardyMay 28, 1973
Norton Simon Don BachardyMay 28, 1973
Nude Man Seated Before a Curtain  Rembrandt van Rijn1646
Nude Man Seated on the Ground with One Leg Extended  Rembrandt van Rijn1646
Nude on a Sofa Henri Matisse1923
Nude on Blue Cushion Beside a Fireplace Henri Matisse1925
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O the Roast Beef of Old England: the Gate of Calais William HogarthMarch 1748/49
Odalisque Achille-Jacques-Jean-Marie Devériac. 1830-1835
Odalisque with Tambourine (Harmony in Blue) Henri Matisse1926
Old Man Shading His Eyes with His Hand  Rembrandt van Rijnc.1639
Old Man with a Divided Fur Cap  Rembrandt van Rijn1640
Old Man with a Flowing Beard  Rembrandt van Rijn1630
Old Style Duel Francisco de Goya y Lucientesc.1819
Oread Barbara Hepworth1958
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Padmasambhava  15th-16th century
Padmasambhava with Divine Companions  late 18th century
Padmasambhava with Wives and Emanations  18th century
Page of Sketches (Heads of Children and Horses) Pablo PicassoDecember 4, 1945
Palanquin Hook  12th century
Palanquin Ring  13th century
Paloma and Her Doll on Black Background Pablo PicassoDecember 14, 1952
Paloma and Her Doll, White Background Pablo PicassoDecember 14, 1952
Pandava Hero (?)  c. 956
Pandava Hero Bhima (?)  c. 956
Panel with Figure Below a Tree  3rd-4th century
Paris Presenting Helen at the Court of Priam Gerard Hoetearly 18th century
Parvati (from Shiva with Bull and Parvati) By Prakash Chandc. 1960s
Pas de Deux B Auguste Rodinc.1910-13
Pas-de-Deux G Auguste Rodinc. 1911
Paul Before Felix Designed and Etch'd in the Ridiculous Manner of Rembrandt William HogarthMay 1751
Peasant Girl with a Scarf Gustave Courbetc. 1849
Pedestaled Vessel  1100-200 B.C.E.
Pediment with Adoring Celestials  c. 1000
Peter and John Healing the Cripple at the Gate of the Temple  Rembrandt van Rijn1659
Peter and John Healing the Cripple at the Gate of the Temple  Rembrandt van Rijn1659
Peter and John Healing the Cripple at the Gate of the Temple  Rembrandt van Rijn1659
Picador and Bull Pablo Picasso1959
Picking apples Edgar DegasModeled c. 1881 (reworked 1890s?); cast 1919-21
Pit Ticket: the Cockpit William HogarthNovember 1759
Pitcher, Score, Fruits and Napkin Georges Braque1926
Place du Tertre a Montmartre Maurice Utrilloc. 1911
Plaque with a Buddhist Triad and Symbols  7th century
Plaque with Bodhisattva  7th-8th century
Plaque with Bodhisattva  7th -8th century
Plaque with Lunar Deity  7th century
Portrait of a Bearded Man in a Wide-Brimmed Hat  Rembrandt van Rijn1633
Portrait of a Chorister Marcantonio Bassettic. 1620s
Portrait of a Dandy (formerly Portrait of Toulouse -Lautrec) Giovanni Boldini1880-1890
Portrait of a Gentleman Nicolas de Largillière (School of)late 17th century
Portrait of a Lady Antoine Vestier1763
Portrait of a Lady Justus Sustermansc. 1635-1645
Portrait of a Lady with Pink Choker Francois, Circle of Drouais1727-1775
Portrait of a Lady with Sprig of Blossom Francois, Circle of Drouais1727-1775
Portrait of a Lawyer (Claude Rene Cordier de Launay de Montreuil, President of the Parliament of Paris) Louis Tocqué18th century
Portrait of a Magistrate Alexandre Abel de Pujolc. 1820
Portrait of a Man Louis Anquetin1889
Portrait of a Peasant (Patience Escalier) Vincent van GoghAugust 1888
Portrait of a Seated Woman Boris Dmitrievich Grigorievearly 20th century
Portrait of a Woman (Marguerite Dufay?) Louis Anquetin1891
Portrait of a Young Man Frans Hals1650-55
Portrait of a Young Man Francesco dei Rossi Salviatic. 1550
Portrait of a Young Noblewoman Alonzo Sánchez Coello1593
Portrait of a Young Woman Claude-Marie Dubufec. 1843
Portrait of a Young Woman (after Lucas Cranach the Younger) II Pablo Picasso1958
Portrait of Alexis Piron (?) Louis Tocquéc. 1737
Portrait of Archduchess Isabella Clara Eugenia, Spanish Regent of the Low Countries, as a Nun  Rubens, Peter Paul, and Workshop1625
Portrait of Diane de Poitiers School of Fontainebleauc.1550
Portrait of Jacqueline Leaning on Her Elbows Pablo Picasso1959
Portrait of Joerg Fugger Giovanni Bellini1474
Portrait of Lambert de Vermont Nicolas de Largillièrec. 1697
Portrait of Leila Claude Anet Pierre Bonnard1930
Portrait of Madame Dietz-Monnin Edgar Degas1879
Portrait of Nikita Demidov Alexander Roslin1772
Portrait of Pierre Lepautre, Sculptor Nicolas de Largillière1689
Portrait of the Artist's Mother Vincent van GoghOctober 1888
Portrait of Theresia, Countess Kinsky Elisabeth Louise Vigée-LeBrun1793
Prancing horse Edgar DegasModeled late 1880s; cast 1919-21
Pregnant woman Edgar DegasModeled 1896-1911; cast 1919-21
Profile of a Woman Leaning on Her Elbows, Louis XIV Screen Henri Matisse1924
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